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What Clients Say

After seeing nearly a dozen doctors and specialists for digestive issues and trying so many remedies and medications, Dr. Atlas finally helped identify the root of my problem and through an easy fix: by changing my diet and adding supplements, I immediately began to see a difference in my overall health. Dr. Atlas regularly checked in with me to monitor my progress and how I was feeling and made modifications as needed, all of which have helped me immensely. After years of bloating, cramping and stomach problems, Dr. Atlas quickly resolved my problems and I feel healthier than I have in a long time.



I had a great experience working with Dr. Atlas. When I first spoke with her, she listened to all of my concerns and symptoms. She helped me create a diet plan that would best fit my lifestyle and my needs. With a very demanding work schedule and being on the road, she was always able to adapt my eating plan to something that worked for me. Before working with Dr. Atlas I had struggled with rashes and digestive issues for years. After following her advice and meal plan for a few months both my skin and digestive symptoms dramatically improved. I also learned a lot about the effects different foods can have on the body. I highly recommend Dr. Atlas! She is someone who will do a thorough assessment and will work with you to fix any nutritional problems you might be encountering.



I really enjoyed working with Dr. Atlas on my health needs and goals. Dr. Atlas was instrumental in helping me to understand the importance of specific nutrients and vitamins to help me optimize my energy. After working with Dr. Atlas, I feel so much better. She is very conscientious in working to understand a person’s lifestyle and health choices. She discusses many alternatives that would help a person meet their goals and draws from many resources. She is also very up to date in the latest studies and research that I found very useful when she brought them up to me. The sessions were very educational. I had a lot of success with the program that she designed for me and found her suggestions worthwhile to helping me feel better and attain my goals. I feel so much better.



Dr. Atlas helped fix my chronic anemia and, after 3 years of eating a vegan diet, was the first doctor to help me understand the correct nutrient intake I needed to continue being vegan and staying healthy. Her advice and recommendations were the sole reason I received medical clearance to serve in the Peace Corps—without her consultation, I would not have been able to go! She is knowledgeable about all types of diets and I feel much better after adjusting my diet due to her nutritional advice.



Working with Dr. Atlas has been an extremely helpful and educational experience. Both her in-depth knowledge about nutrition and digestive disorders as well as her gentle disposition helped facilitate a process that led to decreased symptoms and positive change. In particular, my 15 year old daughter felt extremely comfortable sharing her story and relaying symptoms that at times were embarrassing or awkward. Dr. Atlas listened attentively, assessed thoroughly and followed-up closely during the whole process to ensure positive results.



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